Monday, January 25, 2016

Learning is Fun!

Learning is Fun!!  
 Katie and her friend, Jayden, took a cupcake decorating class at our friend, Lori Gammon's.  They got super creative and had a fun time!

 The whole 4th grade class had a class assignment of creating their own Indian tribe diorama.  Katie spent weeks on her report then, with daddy's help, they created the scene.  Katie chose a winter scene and it all came together quite nicely!

 Beef Jerky for Sale - as a fundraiser, the 4th graders sold beef jerky.  Each student made an advertising poster and voted.  Katie received 3rd place!
For science and invention night at school, the 1st graders made science projects from recycled products.  Trenton made a blue/red rocket ship out of toilet paper rolls and the lid of a Dutch Bros cup for the top.  Good job Trenton!

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