Saturday, May 30, 2015

Washington DC Day 3

For Katie Rose, the day had finally arrived! She had been planning this day for months... our trip to the National Zoo!  She had wanted to see a real, live panda and she got her wish!  Baby Bao-Bao did not disappoint.. nor his parents.  They were all super cute and worth the long wait in line!  We also saw many other animals that we don't normally see in our local Boise Zoo... including elephants.  It was quite a large zoo, very nice and free! :)

 It was nice having Tuffie with us on this day...

 After the zoo, Tuffie drove us to the downtown Georgetown area.  It was quite the fun and festive place to be on a Saturday night!  We spent a peaceful evening walking by the river, eating in a local restaurant, watching the college kids out having a good time and going to the famous Georgetown DC Cupcakes!

 DC Cupcakes was on our bucket list of places to go to while in DC and, they did not disappoint!  It was so hard to choose which ones to try... Definitely a place we'll always remember!

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