Friday, May 8, 2015

Washington DC Day 1

When my dear friend, Meredith, moved to Washington DC last summer I immediately began planning a trip to go out to see her.  Soon Katie Rose and mom got added into that trip and we made a fun and fabulous girl's trip!!!  This was Katie's first time in an airplane (that she could remember) and her first time visiting DC... needless to say, she was super excited! She had been planning this trip for months and counting down the days.  She read up on historical facts, learned about the monuments and had a big wish to see the baby panda, Bao-Bao, at the National Zoo.  She was not disappointed and it was all a wonderful experience.  The best part was seeing Meredith again!!  And, she had done a terrific job at planning our itinerary so that we could get in as much siteseeing as possible in the 5 days we were there.  We arrived on April 16th and flew home the 22nd.
 We had to wake up super early in order to get to the Boise airport in time for our 8am flight... but, Katie Rose was up and ready to go!!!

 The pilot was super nice in letting her sit in the cockpit and giving her an aviation wings pin!
 After our long day of flying and carrying luggage, it was so wonderful to be in DC and with Meredith!!  Our first big city experience was the metro.  Meredith had metro cards ready for us and, throughout our visit we used the system everyday... many times a day.  No driving in the city made it a fabulous commute!

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