Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Race To Robie Creek 2014

Race to Robie Creek, April 19th.
After months of training, mom and I completed Robie this last weekend!  It is known as the toughest race in the Northwest and they weren't kidding.  The course begins at the foothills in Boise and immediately begins climbing up.  In 8.5 miles you go from a 2-10% incline climb to the summit.  Then, 4.5 miles straight down into the town of Idaho City.  90% of the run is on dirt road and in the mountains.  This is a very popular race as registration sells out in just minutes!
For me it wasn't my best race.  The weekend before the event I became sick with a bad sore throat and cold.  I ended up for to the urgent care on Wed for antibiotics for a sinus infection.  By race day I was feeling better but, had spent the whole week miserable and dealing with sinus pain.  Thankfully, it was a lighter run week but, I even struggled with that.  So, I just wasn't my best by the time Sat arrived.  I ran ok but had to blow my nose SO many times! haha  Also, the antibiotics were wreaking havoc on my stomach and I dealt with a side ache for most of it. All in all, I was happy with how it went. I struggled in miles 6-7 and walked a little.  Amazingly, I ran the last of the section to the very top with no problems.  And, during the mileage down many of the runners were dealing with bad calf pain.  I felt no pain at all and kept a steady pace. 
The weather was very warm (80's) for an afternoon race!  Many runners suffered from heat exhaustion and were either falling or, being taken out by the medics.  By the way, Idaho City meds and Ada County Paramedics did such an amazing job at taking care of so many people!  I've never seen EMS so busy during a race as this one.  
Perhaps the best part was not only conquering this challenging course but, also the people and new friends mom and I met along the way.  In honor of the Boston Marathon, we were asked to say "thankyou" to at least 5 volunteers, help/encourage a fellow runner out that was in need and simply not be afraid to say HI to your fellow runner.  By doing this we had a fun, strong run!  I witnessed and helped a man who had fallen on the downhill. And, witnessed a man who was rounding the corner towards the finish line... fell and badly hurt his ankle.  He got up and began limping towards the finish.. his ankle turned in and badly broken.  The crowd cheered him on as a female volunteer assisted him.  It was very touching and inspiring.
I'm proud of my mom who finished strong!  We didn't run together but, it's always great to be with her at the start and finish :)
Afterwards we hung out on the grassy hour for about an hour... resting in the shade, eating and rehydrating.  Everyone felt so hot and weak.  Perhaps the worse part was waiting in line to catch the bus back to Boise.  We waited in line, in the sun, for an hour to catch a bus that took us to one drop off station. Then, waiting again for that 2nd bus to take us to our vehicle.  By the time I got home it was after 6pm.  I'm not sure I'd ever run this one again just because it was such a big ordeal to get out there and back... causing me to lose time with the family.  I was able to attend Katie's soccer early that morning but missed the others.  Although, I did notice that some of the runners ran the course back to the finish (and to their vehicles) so maybe I'll be like them next year.. skip the bus system and just make it back to my car faster by running! haha

 Amazing view at the summit!
My two aunts, Carol and Debbie, came to cheer us on at the start!
Official race time: Lisa 2:39:41  Susan 3:09:39

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