Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fun with Cousins!

We all had a great time having my cousin Rebekah and her girls here from Arizona!  All the cousins played well together and had a blast.  Everyone was completely exhausted when the weekend was over!  On Friday we took the kids to a new candy shop in downtown Nampa, Candy World.  It was like an old fashioned candy store, which, they totally loved! 
 My mom had bought Rebekah and I tickets to take the girls and Tys to our local NNU theater, where we watched the play, Anne of Green Gables.  They LOVED it!  The actors and actresses did a great job and were funny.

 While in downtown Nampa we stopped by the old Train Depot Museum.  It was pretty cool and I never even knew it was there!  There were lots of history and the architecture/wood was amazing.
 The girlies!
 Saturday night we hosted a big family dinner at our house so everyone could come see Rebekah and the girls.  We enjoyed a  yummy dinner of lasagna, salad, bread and Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake. I did the lasagna and dessert and, it was great that everyone helped bring the rest.  It was a fun evening!

 Kristiana, Katie, Aria, Amelia and Wyatt = COUSINS!!
Casey, Uncle Richard, Uncle Joe and my dad.  Sadly, I didn't get a very good photo of the ladies and rest of the guys...

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