Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

For Thanksgiving we headed over to my parent's house... Jake, Krystal, Meredith and Leon joined us in the afternoon for our yummy Thanksgiving feast!

 Casey did us ladies out in the kitchen by peeling potatoes...
 My dad helped out by peeling "one" little potato... his contribution to the meal! haha

 Mom and I enjoyed cooking together... we said later that it seemed less stressful this year with the "end of cooking rush".  Getting everything on the table went smoothly and it helped that Meredith & Leon each brought a hot dish that normally would have gone in the oven.
 the kiddos with their favorite "muscle man" Leon
 a few pies and appetizers

 Casey tried getting a whole group photo but we just couldn't get it quite right :)

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