Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zoo Boise

Yesterday I took the kids and their friend, Janelie, to downtown Boise for the day.  We had a fun time at the zoo, enjoying a picnic lunch and visiting the big library!  We checked out 17 books at the library (so happy my kids love to read!) and watched a musical performance that included quite a few "old-time" instruments. The musician was quite funny and involved all of the kids.  Tys even got to go up on stage and help him use a "limberjack" instrument. 
Anyhow, at the zoo there is a new dinosaur exhibit that's going on for a short time. They are life sized dinosaurs placed sporadically throughout the zoo; they moved and make their noises. It was pretty cool! Of course, the boys loved it! 
 Yes, the boys have mohawks!  They had been begging for one so Casey said OK, just for the summer :)

 Proof that our little sweetie-pie, cutie patootie baby has reached the age of throwing a fit when something doesn't go her way :)
 Due to the long lines, we don't always go into the special butterfly exhibit.  Well, yesterday we did and it was pretty neat! There were beautiful butterflies flying all around and even landed on us...

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