Tuesday, June 25, 2013

See Jane Run 2013

On Saturday I completed my 3rd half marathon in 3 months! Due to the busyness of summer I hadn't trained for this one as much as my last ones so, I wasn't very confident on how I'd do.  Well, I finished 2:14:?? (Still have to look up the official results) which was just two minutes more than my last one.  I had to stop twice in this race... and, not in the last.  So, I figure I came out about the same. This was run was mainly for fun (aren't they all for fun?!) and, our dear friend from NV came up to run the race with me and my mom. Gail was the kid's preschool teacher and is such a sweet lady! She is a runner but, hasn't ran a marathon or, half, for almost 30 years! So, this was an big event for her. She did fantastic and finished 1st in her division... 1:53! Her husband also came and we enjoyed having them visit us for the weekend.                      
 I run See Jane Run for these awesome bags and, the champagne and See's chocolate at the end!
 At the finish line.... always a glorious site :)
 Yes, we just ran 13.1 miles for chocolate and champagne!

I was so thankful to have my dear friend, Meredith, my two cousins, Lynette and Amy, and my kiddos waiting for me at the finish line!!!

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