Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last Wednesday the boys had their first trip to the dentist for exams and teeth cleaning. Since this was Katie's 3rd time, she got to go first and show the boys that it didn't hurt.  I love our new dentist office! I already knew one of the hygentist that cleaned their teeth and both ladies did a great job at making their time "fun"!! 
 Fearless Trenton was more concerned about watching the cartoons playing on the overhead t.v. then, what was actually going on inside his mouth!
 No cavities for Katie..yay!
Tys did such a great job at being brave and letting Amy clean his teeth.. he was nervous in the beginning but, came through like a champ!
Both boys each had one cavity so, its a good thing they liked their trip to the dentist because we'll be going back next month for their fillings *smile*

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