Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Two weekends ago my friend, Katie, and I took a little road trip to Portland; our main goal was to go shopping at IKEA!  We took her daughter, Janelie, and my Katie Rose with us and made it a fun girls trip! I had never fully experienced IKEA before and LOVED it :)  We were there for 7 hours (yes, 7 hours)  Its a good thing there was a cafeteria so we could eat lunch and dinner there! It was pouring rain the whole time we were there and, the wipers on Katie's truck weren't working... big problem when its pouring rain!  So we ended up staying one more night and getting the wipers fixed at a dealership. It was a fun weekend filled with lots of laughter, Starbucks and spending time with the girlies. 
Trying to stay dry at the Multnomah Falls

 Road trippin'

 The Target we went to had two levels and an escalator for our shopping carts!  Yes, we were very impressed :)
 Swimming in our hotel pool....

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Mere said...

I have been shopping with you before and I have no doubt you could spend days at IKEA!