Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BSU vs CO St.

About a month ago Casey entered a drawing at our bank for two tickets to the BSU vs. CO St. game and, he WON!!  I never win anything but, my husband seems to win everything! So, last Saturday we left the kids with my parents for the afternoon and headed downtown for the game.  I LOVE going to home games... the city bleeds orange and blue and everyone is full of the Bronco spirit. This was Casey's first time for a home game on the blue turf :)  Before the game, and at halftime, we went to the Dairymen tailgate and visited with old/new friends.  The weather was pretty rainy and stormy but, not cold. So, we bundled up in our Bronco attire and just enjoyed our day! AND, BSU won!

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Mere said...

Yay for home games! Love your outfit :)