Thursday, May 3, 2012

While in Idaho last weekend, Kristiana turned  10 months old!  She has really grown over this month and is developing her own personality.  She can now wave "hi" or "bye", says dada, mama, papa and nana (all those "a" words!) and is pulling herself up to her knees.. yesterday I found her actually standing up against a chair!  She was SO proud of herself and had the biggest smile "hey, mom, I am standing!"  Kristiana loves being outside, eating Cheerios and getting into everything!  She is a fast crawler and doesn't sit in one place for long.  We love her great, big smiles and giggles!!  
 Eating pancakes for the first time... yummy!
 Kristiana is very much a daddy's girl! She says "dada" constantly throughout the day and knows just how to melt her daddy's heart :)
 Having fun exploring at Monkey Bizness, Boise
"Look, Mom, I'm standing!"

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