Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few fun pictures from this last week... 

 My parents arrived late Sunday afternoon to be with us for Mother's Day.  They had plans on staying until Tuesday however, my dad had a dental emergency and they ended up heading back to Boise early Monday morning so he could go to his dentist... although quick and short, it was good to have them here for the evening! We bbq'd and took the kids for an evening walk down to the golf course and back.
 We celebrated Casey's birthday on Monday.. his day off.  As tradition in our home, whenever it's anyone's birthday we all get donuts for breakfast! I ran 5 miles that morning and opted out of the donuts this time.  The kids were happy to have mine :)   That evening we had our friends, Tony & Becky, over for dinner and bbq'd... to top off the evening we enjoyed Casey's favorite birthday cake, homemade German Choc. cheesecake.
 Kristiana has spent her week practicing at pulling herself up to a standing position.  The other night she worked and worked at climbing onto Trenton's bed... with a little help from her siblings she made it!  Everyone was SO excited!  Here are our 4 little monkeys (5 including the real monkey) celebrating Kristiana's big accomplishment!
 Such a big girl now!
 Trenton and Jesse are great buddies
Kristiana loves being outside; although, she's still figuring out whether or not she likes the grass!

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