Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer time

Not only has this summer been filled with the excitement and adjustments of having a new baby sister but, the kids are also having a great time filling in their "bucket list" of summer things: going to the rodeo, lots of swimming, taking nature walks down our road and looking for stray golf balls by the golf course, having picnics in the yard and playing with friends, etc.... Katie is a wonderful big sister to Kristiana! She loves to talk & sing to her, hold her or simply just lie next to her.

A couple of weeks ago my parents and I took the kids to our local rodeo grounds to see the ladie's barrel racing. They had a great time and came home "racing the barrels" on their horses!

One of our many times to the public pool... Katie and Trenton are doing really well at swimming on their own and learning how to put their faces under water. Tys is just a little more cautious and enjoys hanging on to Nana :)

A little fun in our backyard pool!

Could you say he went slighly overboard with the swim gear?! lol

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