Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 days old

Kristiana is now 5 days old and settling in well with her family! She is doing all of the important things that a newborn should be doing: eating, sleeping and pooping :) And, has already given us a couple of smiles (although I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with US!) We are enjoying her greatly and cherishing every moment while she's in this newborn stage.

Kristiana has had lots of friends stop over to see her since she's been home... I was so happy that our good friend, Sharla, was able to meet her before heading home to CA.

And when she's not being spoiled by friends, she is getting lots of attention from her siblings!

On Thursday she had her first big outing to Elko for a doctor's appt. She has lost 5% of her birth weight and now weighs 7lbs. She has quite the Haveman appetite so we're not too worried about her gaining that back... With 4 kids now, I was thankful to have my mom's help while in Elko!


Molly Joy said...
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Molly Joy said...

Congratulations Casey and Lisa

~ Pastor DeWinkle