Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trenton and Sammy

As some of you may already know, I have a like/dislike relationship with our dog, Sammy. She has a few good qualities, such as: 1. good watch dog without the excessive barking 2. friend to Jesse and the rest of the family. Many of the dislikes includes the fact that she loves to eat my trees, bushes and flowers before they've been in the ground for even 24 hours. This includes removing the wire and protective covering we place around the trees and bushes. A few of her favorite chew toys also include kid's outside toys, shoes (when accidentally left outside) bark, my mop and anything else that proves to be "fun" in her eyes. Her favorite place to do her "duty" is on our grass or at the bottom of our front steps... even though she has 2 acres to do this. She can also escape from the dog pen even though it's more secure than Fort Knox. So, yes, she and I have gone rounds and rounds! BUT, how can I be mad at her when I look outside and see her following her little buddy, Trenton, around the yard? She and Trenton have developed a strong friendship... this usually includes Sammy following Trenton around the yard... always just a few steps behind him. They spend countless hours together exploring and walking... and, its cute to see Sammy stop walking when Trenton stops walking. Then, Trenton starts up again and so does Sammy. Yes, they share a bond that only a little boy and his dog can fully appreciate. When I see this it helps me to appreciate her just a tiny bit more too :) Trenton calls her "wuff, wuff"
(Yes, Trent is still in his pj bottoms. He goes outside first thing in the morning and I figure why change his clothes when I'll just be changing them again as soon as he's done...)

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Lorissa said...

These photos make Trent look so grown up! There's nothing cuter than a boy and his dog!