Friday, March 20, 2015

Feb and March

I am SO behind in my blogging!  I'm not sure how but Feb and March just flew by!  And these are usually our quieter months.  Here is just a little bit of what we've been up to...
 I began a 12 week TERRAfit team challenge and am loving it!  We're currently in week 5 and have done well with our team and individual rankings.  Out of a 1,000 people our team has moved up a little each week.. beginning in the 70's.  It's based on a point system and have 6 people/friends on my team.  The challenge is fun and a great way to keep my motivated for this summer's races!
 Kristiana found this Doc McStuffins material at a fabric store and wanted me to sew her a dress... she loves it!
 Spring training has begun and I'm enjoying the beautiful weather for running outside!  This day's run was a 10 miler around Lake Lowell.
 In March we were invited to celebrated Grayson and Ava's birthday... our friend, Christine, made Ava's adorable Frozen cake!  It was a big hit for the girls!!  They are such cute little friends!
 After a hard day's work cleaning in the backyard, we enjoyed our first BBQ dinner on the back patio... special family times and silliness going on!
 Every Tuesday I help out in the kid's classrooms at their school.  It's also a special time when I can stay long enough to have lunch with them too!  Or course, there's never a dull moment!!
 We February we had Buddy stay with us for a week while my parents vacationed in AZ.  He added excitement to the house and learned how to walk on a leash with Casey.
 I got to help in Trenton's class for his Valentine's party... he gets to sit by his friend MaKenna :)  It was a fun party filled with goodies, crafts and exchanging Valentines.
 Ahhh, Trenton, we love you so much! :)
 The weather has been so nice we've been able to enjoy little walks to our local duck pond.  Kristiana and her friend/neighbor, Ellie, enjoyed an afternoon walk to feed the ducks.  They also did some Dora the Explorer exploring!!
 Katie Rose has been learning how to cook and bake... usually once a week she'll cook dinner.  This was a yummy stuffed pasta shell dish.
In March Katie Rose performed in the Spring Festival piano competition... she played two beautiful pieces, from memory, before a judge.  She received an "excellent" and we are SO very proud of her!  We are thankful for the gift God has given her in music!

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