Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Part 1

For Thanksgiving we headed to California for the week.  Our first stop was in Sonora, to visit our dear friends, the Loverins.  We left super early Saturday morning and arrived to their place around 7 that evening.  It was SO wonderful to see them again! Even though the kids hadn't seen each other in about 2 years, they quickly became great friends again.
 These two buddies were born just 2 months apart and have been friends from the very beginning! Trent & Josiah
 My dear friend, Sharla
 The "kids table"... lots of goofiness and laughter happening here!

 On Monday morning we enjoyed a hike near the Colombia College (basically in the Loverin's back yard)  With Wesley as our guide, we girls had a fun time adventuring through the "enchanted forest"; the moss on the big rocks were amazing!

 Friends ~ Wesley, Eliese and Katie

 We met up with the guys and rest of the kids at a nearby historic mining town called Colombia.  There were rocks to climb on and we spent time exploring the little tourist town.

 Possibly the future "Mr and Mrs"?!
 The Stagecoach
JoJo, Jakob, Tys, Wesley and Trenton

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