Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tys' Birthday

To celebrate the "Birthday Boy", we did lots of fun things yesterday: trip to Dutch Bros, shopping spree with birthday money and the whole afternoon/early evening at our favorite summer spot, Roaring Springs water park! Casey was able to take half a day off work and join us. Since Casey had never been there before the kids had fun showing him all of their favorite things to do... swimming in the big pool, floating around the endless river, hanging out with Kristiana at Kiddie Land and riding the big rides. Around dinner time we went out of the park for a little while and enjoyed a picnic. After swimming all summer, the kids have all done super in learning how to swim better!
 My pretty girls... (Kristiana LOVES those goggles!)
 My cool-dude boys

 Love "my boys"!

 One of Tys' favorite desserts...

 The boys riding the big water slide

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