Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Katie!

On Sunday, the 6th, we celebrated Katie's 7th birthday!  I'm really not sure where these last 7 years went as, it all went by so fast! But, I do know that Katie is growing up to be such a vibrant, fun, caring and sweet girl! I love how, as she gets older, she is learning so many new things. And it's so great to see her love for God grow (also, her friends and family... she truly cares deeply for the people in her life) 
 Per tradition, her birthday breakfast included donuts... her brothers also loved this... but, as parents, we paid for it later after we had filled our kids up on sugar then made them sit still in church! ha ha Oh well, it doesn't happen very often.

 After church we went to my parents house for Katie's birthday lunch... she spent the afternoon surrounded by her family, Auntie Ri, Uncle Jake & Aunt Krystal and our friends, Jere, Kamber and their two girls (Kamber is Krystal's twin sister) The girls always have a great time playing together!

 Group hug with Uncle Jake
Katie, JC and Makenzie

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