Monday, December 17, 2012


We are just a week away from Christmas and, we in the full swing of things around here... preparing for the celebration of Jesus' birth and remembering the reason why He came to earth as a man. 

While Casey is in MN this week (hopefully, not too many more future trips to MN!) the kids and I are busy this week with school Christmas parties, looking at Christmas lights, delivering goodies and gifts to friends & family and, preparing for the Zion school Christmas program on Thurs evening.  Both Tys and Katie are singing however, Katie has a solo this year! We've recently found that God has given her the gift of a beautiful voice! 

Last night, right before the evening church service, the kids Catechism class recited their verses and a few catechism Q&A and, sang Joy to the World.  This was Trenton's first year at performing before an audience... he made us quite proud by holding a hymn book up over his entire face during the whole performance!! Ha ha
We got a little bit of snow yesterday but, are still hoping for a true "white Christmas"!

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