Monday, August 27, 2012

 Next Saturday my little brother and his fiance', Krystal, will be married in the backyard of her parent's house.  I am SO happy for my brother... God has given him an amazing, fun, beautiful bride! Above photo: On August 12th my mom and I gave her a bridal shower luncheon at Smoky Mountain Pizza. Approx. 20 of her friends and family came to show her our support and happiness for their upcoming marriage!
 This last Saturday was Krystal's bachelorette party in downtown Boise. 7 of us girls began the evening at The Solid... making our way to various places like Fatty's, Bardenays, Lil' Roddy's and China Blue.  At Lil' Roddy's we met up with the guys as it was Jake's bachelor party as well. It was so fun to have the two parties together in the end!! We danced into the wee hours of the morning and just had a great time!
Not the greatest photo but you get the general idea of what a cute couple they are :)

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