Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello my faith blog followers!  Sorry for my lack in postings lately.  Right before Memorial Day the kids and I headed up to Boise to be with my parents and we ended up staying until yesterday!  Our original plan was to come home for a couple of weeks than head back up there again but, when the time came Casey and I decided that we'd just stay and save the money on gas.  Plus, I figured that by the time I had unpacked from our first trip, I'd have to turn around and repack to go back.  That, and other reasons... SO, the kids and I have been in Boise for about 6 weeks.  We missed Casey SO much!  He was able to make it up for one of those weekends and see us... the rest of the time the kids and I kept ourselves busy all sorts of fun, summer stuff!!  I have LOTS of pictures to post so, will work on them these next couple of days in between unpacking.

 On Memorial Day the kids and I went with my parents to Reynold's Creek.  We spent the day riding 4-wheelers and the go-cart, flying kites and roasting hot dogs.

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