Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fun 1

This last weekend was a busy and fun-filled one! It began when my parents arrived from Boise on Friday. They brought pumpkins to carve, fruit to dehydrate and make pies for the freezer, the go-cart to ride and party items for our friend's bridal shower on Saturday. Friday afternoon mom and I took the kids trick-or-treating around town at the local businesses then, Tys and I went to his friend, Jazmin's, birthday party in the evening. It was his very first birthday where he got to go without his siblings and it was HIS friend.... quite a bit event! There are quite a few more photos to post but here are a few to get started.... Monday morning we carved a pumpkin... there were 3 but Tys & Katie had to go to school at noon so we just had time for one. My dad did the carving while the kids scooped the "guts" and drew more faces on with marker.

Throughout the weekend my mom gave the kids numerous rides in the go-cart. The kid's friends even came over for rides! Mom spent time teaching Tys and Katie how to drive it by themselves... steering & operating the pedals. Katie even took me for a little drive and operated it all on her own :)

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