Thursday, August 11, 2011


The end of last week we received word that Casey's Grandma Dora had passed away. She was 93 yrs old and such a sweet lady! I had always looked forward to visiting with her during our trips to CA and she will be greatly missed. Sunday morning we left for CA to attend Grandma's funeral and visit with Casey's family. We came home yesterday so, it was a quick trip (the funeral was on Tues) but we enjoyed seeing Casey's family... including Jerry & Bernice and his family and, Marie who had flown in also for the funeral. It was also great to see his cousins, aunts and uncles etc. Grandma had 56 great-grandchildren so that just gives you an idea on how big Casey's family is! Here are just a few pictures from our time there... A trip to CA wouldn't be complete without a meal at In N Out!

My adorable little (big) nephew, Peter!

Katie with her Auntie Ri

Dad and Kristiana hanging out

Tys got to celebrate his birthday again and LOVED his new Spiderman presents!

Oh man!! Oma is the new Spiderman!

Jerry and Casey with their long-time friend, Ken

Bestest Buds... Trenton, Tys and James

On our way home we stopped by the Old Sacramento Train Museum; Trenton has a huge love for trains and was in amazement the whole time we were there. He kept exclaiming "look Mama, a choo-choo!!"

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Geer Family said...

Love the train pic of the hot mama with her little chicks ;)