Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Festival

March 5 ~ Katie earned a "Superior" grade from the judge on her pieces that she played for the Spring Piano Festival. Way to go Katie!


Jackson and Sutter ~ we love them so much!  Anytime we get to babysit them is always a good time!

 "Auntie Digs Me"


February 27th ~ Katie had her big piano and voice recital and did fabulous!  She has had a new teacher since last fall named Mrs Best.  Even though we miss Rachel, we are also loving Mrs Best!  She has quite a few students and is so talented herself.  Katie still has piano lessons once a week and now, voice lessons with a group of girls her age on Wednesdays.  Katie played Harmony Rag and sang "Rainbow Connection".  The girls group also sang a few songs together.

Outdoor Adventures

Mom and I got in our first 2016 run on the Boise greenbelt!  We are training for an upcoming half in OKC and were able to get in 10 miles.

 Feb ~ Saturday afternoon Katie and I met up with our friends from church, Amanda & Robin, in the Meridian Village.  The girls got to go ice skating!  Having spent most of her life in the Philippines, this was Robin's first time trying it out.  She did great!  We also did a little shopping and ate yummy frozen yogurt!
 Due to Parent Teacher Conferences, the kids had a Friday off in Feb.  We took advantage of the nice weather and played in Hyde Park for the afternoon.  The park was fun and, we also hiked up Camelsback and stopped by Goody's for a yummy treat :)
Taking a little break from feeding LOTS of ducks along the Nampa greenbelt...

Table Rock

With the coming of spring, comes nicer weather and the chance to get outdoors!  On Saturday afternoon I was able to get in a quick hike up Table Rock ~ one of my favorite places to go!  Even though there were a few rain showers, it was a wonderful day to be outside!

Our Anniversary

February 19 ~ our 11th year anniversary fell on a Friday this year!  We planned a fun date night and enjoyed being together with just the two of us.  That morning I got my hair done then, mom kept Kristiana so Casey and I could go to lunch at the Corner Bakery.  In the evening, Kyle and Marie watched the kids so that we could go to dinner at the fancy Brick 29 restaurant in downtown Nampa.  It was a wonderful place with yummy food & drinks.  I love you Casey and look forward to many more anniversaries with you!


Throughout February Casey and I worked on making repairs to our bathroom shower (Casey) and redecorating our bedroom.  I had been planning and shopping for months... putting it all together in my head.  Finally, it was great to have the walls painted and everything new in its place!  Casey even put up new light fixtures and a fan.  A huge improvement!!